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Whether your stained glass window is historic or nostalgic; Margie will work with you to revive your window back to its original life. The goal is to reuse as much of the original window as possible, and to give you back a window that has had its life restored to be enjoyed for many years to come.


Top left: Minot State University, Crane Hall (originally Old Main);  Top middle Right: private repairs;

top Right: Rosehill Cemenrty Chapel; middle Left: Martha Onstad window from the family church; center: Pioneer Village, Kenmare;  Second from top/right: Houl family; Thrid from top/right Steve Barton; Bottom left: St. Cecilia's Velva; Bottom right: private repair.

Bring History Back to Life.....

When restoring a window that is brokedown because of time, weather, or misuse, it can be lovingly brought back to life to be enjoyed another generation.

Repairing leaded glass is possible, but it’s not easy and requires skill.  

Leaded glass can have a myriad of problems: cracked glass, missing panes, broken lead came, bowing solder joints. These problems although may look terrible, are only cosmetic and with the correct maintenance may be made to look new once more.


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